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xarani is the market leader in real-time digital business solutions and api's.

  • digital onboarding
  • electronic know-your-customer
  • real-time proof-of-life
  • digital identity
  • credit scoring
  • digital strategy consultancy & development
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ID verification

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digital on-boarding solution

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human resource management system

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address verification

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mobile number verification

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online anti-money laundering checks

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strategy consultancy & advisory

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face compare

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credit worthiness check

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our customers

Connect to the Salaries Services Bureau (SSB) through us and be empowered to :
  • Submit ZWL and USD bookings to the Salaries Services Bureau (SSB) online.
  • Make individual or bulk bookings online.
  • Receive confirmations from SSB on deductions that have been effected.
  • Cancel previously booked deductions.
  • Make amount changes to the current deductions.
  • Receive monthly deduction reports from SSB.
  • View your booking history as an audit trail for query resolution.
  • Recall files with errors and makes changes before they are processed.
  • Integrate the platform to your system (API enabled)
  • Receive your invoices based on successful deductions appearing on the final report.
Enjoy the following benefits by connecting through us :
  1. No profile set-up fees
  2. No minimum monthly charge
  3. Complimentary software development services 

ID verification

Know your customer (KYC) within seconds and confirm the following about your customer:

a. Authenticity of ID number supplied

b. Customer’s full name (name and surname)

c. Customer’s date of birth

d. Gender (Male or Female)

e. Life status ( alive or deceased)

Avoid identity theft and fraud by enabling ID verification in your business model.

digital on-boarding solution

• ussd development

• mobile app development

• bespoke solutions

Human Resource Management System

  1. Leave management module

Manages your employees’ leave applications online

• Leave management and cancellations

• Leave approval and rejection

• View leave balances

• Tracking of leave history

• Generation of leave reports

Address Verification

• Verifies the address from the pool of partners in our ecosystem

• Confirms accuracy of the address

Mobile Number Verification

Confirms the validity of the mobile number

Confirms the owner of the mobile number

Online Anti-Money Laundering Checks

  • Screen your customers (existing and potential) against global sanctions special reference lists, watch lists and adverse media report databases issued by OFAC, FATF, HMT and others.
  • Safeguard your business and manage non-compliance by risks
  • Help the global community curb the integration of illegally acquired funds.

Strategy Consultancy & Advisory

• Digital Transformation Strategy Development

• Culture & Change Management

• Payments

Face Compare

a. The API extracts key features of the human face from the picture of the ID captured and compares it with the live picture of the selfie taken

b. Strengthen your digital security when on-boarding customers

Credit worthiness check

Confirm the credit worthiness of your customers within seconds and know the following about your customer:

a. Credit score based on historical data from financial institutions subscribed to Financial Clearing Bureau (FCB).

b. Credit status of the customer

c. Previous FCB searches for the past 5 years, credit scores and status

d. Reported incomes for the last 5 years showing the employer, industry, salary band and occupation.

e. Previous residential addresses used for previous searches All the information supplied above will be complemented by a confirmation of the nationality, date of birth, national ID, gender, mobile number, residential address and marital status.