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Xarani Fintech is a fully-fledged financial technology company that was created as a direct response to the ever changing global dynamics requiring innovative, relevant digital solutions for the marketplace.

“Xarani” ( pronounced “harani’) is a traditional name rooted in our Zimbabwean language and culture which essentially means “a thread” or “string”. A thread is used in the sewing or binding together of cloth or other materials to create something new, albeit something useful. For this useful item or product to be made, it requires an essential catalyst which in this case is the string or the “Xarani”.

So it is in the same vein that we at Xarani believe that we are the thread that binds; the thread that links various pieces to make a composite whole. The world is now going through the 4th industrial revolution, fundamentally driven by technology and ecosystems. Xarani is the magical thread that plays the pivotal role of bringing together, local and global ecosystems through talent, skill, creativity, collaboration and an enduring solutionist spirit. Xarani is the answer to a problem; it is a pain killer; it is the balm that soothes your wound, calms your spirit and heals your heart.

Our insights driven, solution focused and agile operations are hinged on a deliberate data-driven strategy that is geared towards creating scalable platforms in order to create value.


Foster a constantly evolving ecosystem that enables the financial future of Africa.


Through strategic relationships, build solutions on an agile, limitless and scalable platform to drive unique customer value.

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You matter most.